Year 3…

On March 31st, it’ll be 3 years. When I turn the calendar to March my chest tightens. I keep myself busy. With three babes, it’s easy to do.

Spring Break. St Patty’s Day. Events. Visitors. Soccer. Dinners. I tend to jam this month with as much as I possibly can. If I keep moving, I don’t have time to feel the pain of you not being here.

I worry that they’ll forget you. The way you looked. The sound of your voice. Your Old Spice cologne. I close my eyes to make sure you are still with me.

They won’t get a chance to know you. I tell them  you loved poetry. Your first language was Spanish. You made the best chicken and rice soup. Big breakfasts were your thing (and now our thing). You supplied me with homemade tamales from your co-workers, when I was in college (we eat tamales all the time). You had perfect olive skin. All three were born with jet black hair, like yours.

i carry your heart, in my heart.

It’s my way of keeping you alive.



For the L❤️VE…

February may be a short month but we crammed a lot of fun into it.

  • Billy and I got dolled up for dancing and dinner at Bravo.
  • The kids worked long and hard on their Valentine boxes.
  •  We finished the winter hockey season. While gymnastics and dance continue for Ben, all three will be starting spring soccer before we know it.
  • We spent our first Valentine’s Day and Dad’s birthday away from him (boo!)
  • The boys and I had a blast at our first Mother & Son(s) dance. While we were sweating to the oldies, Jos and Dad had fun racing go carts.
  • We hosted our gourmet group to a night of Spanish tapas and paella.
  • We had more family fun at the Playhouse.
  • The kids dressed like what they wanted to be when they grow up: a fashion designer and two hockey players.

Grandshe equals fun

While we were in Chicago for Hamilton, the kids had some fun with Grandshe. Here are a couple of stories:

  • Grandshe took Will and Josie to their first thrift store while Ben was in dance class. As they entered the thrift store, Will asked very innocently, “Will Macklemore be in there?”
  • Grandshe said a naughty word so Ben decided he should sneak on her phone and text me to tattle-tell on her. Instead of texting me, he texted the last person Grandshe had texted, which was her apartment complex manager. When Ben realized it, he felt so bad. Ben started crying. Will did too. They both thought Grandshe would be kicked out of her apartment complex.
  • All three kids had a ton of fun being spoiled rotten.


January 2017

The first month of the year is almost over, so I figured it was time to do a little recap:

  • This is the first year the we all wrote out our resolutions and predictions for the year ahead. We put them in a jar and plan to open January 1st, 2018.
  • We had a ping pong tournament with some friends, because we lost I am anxious for a rematch.
  • We practiced using an Epi-Pen with the kids. Since they are going in different directions and are older, we figured it was time to go over what’s in the eli-pen bag.
  • The boys got new “soccer” haircuts and look like little men.
  • We played on the frozen pond for the first time since living here.
  • We honored MLK by reading the whole “Who was Martin Luther King” book on our day off from school.
  • We are still in love with Hamilton in this house. Bill and I got to go to the show in Chicago. It was a quick weekend, but we had a BLAST. Great to spend time with friends, my brothers, and watch Hamilton….which the kids and I listen to almost nightly while prepping dinner and doing homework.
  • The kids got to be in a short clip about the Playhouse. They loved sharing their love for the theatre.
  • And probably the BIGGEST news of the month… The boys passed their pecan challenge! We went to Bubba to celebrate and had pecan pie for dessert.

That’s a Wrap!

2016 November and December highlights:

  • Uncle Danny came for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a treat to see him both holidays as he usually only comes home for Christmas.
  • We went to our first football game in Iowa City, unfortunately the Huskers decided to not show up. The game was a blow out. On the bright side, we got to take the double decker train from the mall to the field. The kids loved it.
  • We successfully completed another jello dive at the Maher house and I learned how to get red jello out of new white shirts 🙂
  • All three had another fun 6 weeks in Science Club at school.
  • We experienced our first Santa brunch at Wakonda. The kids loved the candy room the best. I loved the mimosas, Billy loved the food.
  • Ben had observation week at dance, and Grandshe and I witnessed what pure joy looks like.
  • I turned another year older, no need to go into numbers.
  • The kids performed a trio at the school talent show singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. Grandshe cried. They did awesome.
  • Josie also performed a piano song. At the end she “dabbed” instead of bowing.
  • We did our traditional outing to “Holly Jolly Lights” for Make a Wish.
  • We had the BEST Christmas EVER. Seriously…We hosted my side of the family for a couple of days then hit the road Christmas day to spend time with the Bemis crew. For the first time, we weren’t playing a ping pong match to try and see everyone while in Omaha. It was great.
  • We got to meet our new baby cousin Jackson! We all couldn’t get enough of his little smiles, what a cutie.


Full House

In November, for 10 days, my house was full of 10 people: 6 kids and 4 adults. While we had fun with our cousins while their parents were in Mexico, we all slept well each night (well all but Henry…thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking the night shift!). It was a pretty tiring week. Throw in a emotionally charged election, Daylight savings time change, the boys annual blood draws for nut testing, during our month of give thanks project, and more….I felt like a warrior when we came out on the other side of those 10 days!

When I look back at the pictures and think of the memories that were made, it makes it all worth while. Also, I must note, Josie might be the best big cousin out there. She would read to James while he was on the potty, follow Henry around to make sure he was safe on the stairs, play Barbies with Jules, and keep all the adults entertained. Josie stepped up to the plate when I needed her each day. Ben and Will were patient with their little cousins too! When everyone left, we let the kids pick out a toy using their own money because they totally earned it!

14937240_10209260991494896_1996435302242825696_nI14947488_10209243457536558_4045951392061836233_n 14962545_10209253090097366_1948124307151923411_n 14992069_10209249658891588_90968405784536576_n 15027927_10209264048531320_1458062144262869218_n 15073361_10209264049571346_9131466962074532974_nIn


The boys discovered Looney Tunes right before Halloween. They started watching them on YouTube and fell in love with the cartoon characters just like we did as kids.

They decided to be Looney Tunes for Halloween. I was so excited they came up with a theme! BUT Looney Tunes aren’t exactly popular now so I had to create their costumes….I think they turned out well.

Josie wanted to be Chewy from StarWars. While I would have loved her to match the boys, she came up with her idea long before the boys. PLUS her costume involved buying a talking mask (totally have gotten our moneys worth on that) and hooded pajamas from Target, score!

This year, we were at the Syverson’s for trick-or-treating. For the first time ever, the girls (Quinn and Jos) stayed out longer than the boys and hit up a14691100_10209070167644419_671490274001326161_n 14937197_10154040119976989_360724144444379479_n few extra houses.