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8 is Great x 2

The boys turned 8 in Orlando at Universal Studios….It was so fun! We tackled the Harry Potter stuff and they were on cloud 9 (or platform 9 3/4). The boys got to go to the wand store and because it was their birthday, they had a private ceremony of the wand picking them. I think that was their BEST memory. They loved the train ride between the parks. It felt like you were a part of the movie. They were a little nervous about the simulator rides…well to be honest more like a LOT nervous. Ben also didn’t care for the fire breathing dragon. It may have been a little too real for him.

We didn’t tell the kids we were going till the night before we left. It was such a fun surprise.




A Perfect 10

Josie is officially 10. We celebrated here, there, and everywhere!

We started with her very first slumber party. The girls had a blast and are such a great group. They did essential oil roller balls, painted a picture frame, ate lots of treats, hit a piñata, played outside, and watched a movie. Everyone was a sleep by 10:30pm – SCORE!

Josie’s actual birthday was celebrated in Alabama. She loved having her extended family with her! She rode go karts and ate cake by the ocean…which was one of her wishes.  When we got back home and Grandshe returned from Spain, we celebrated at home with Grandshe.

Things about Josie:

  • She is still the kind caring kid we all love
  • She is still an old soul
  • She still has a gift with music, she can call out a song a few chords in. Especially oldies.
  • She’s really into reading the Sisters Grimm and Harry Potter
  • She is playing piano really well
  • She loves sports, but would pick watching a movie any day
  • She makes us very proud

End of Sweet Summer 2016

I’m a little behind on blogs, so while it’s officially fall y’all, I’m going to give a few more facts about Sweet Summer 2016:

  • We finished our deck project! Bring on camp fires in the fire pit…more importantly when trees fall we can burn them! We’ve had 27 feet of one tree break off from a bad wind storm. Another tree was split in half after being hit by lightning. After that storm, another storm knocked over what was remaining. Last year was our first fall here, and we bagged 38 bags of leaves… This fire pit will come in handy!

img_5154 img_5352 img_5973 img_5989

  • We brought Grandshe with us to our annual trip to Indianola for the hot air balloon festival. We found a keepsake artwork to remind us of this annual expedition…a tin hot air balloon now hangs in our basement bathroom.


  • Billy and I got a quick trip to Portland in as I tagged along to his August board meeting.
  • Our last few weeks of summer were spent celebrating the boys birthday (in Omaha and in Des Moines), catching up with friends, and getting ready to head back to school.

img_5528 img_5535 img_5572 img_5573 img_5586 img_5638 img_5668 img_5694 img_5713 img_5770

8 is GREAT, Josie’s Golden Birthday!




Josie turned 8 on the 8th, a GOLDEN birthday! We had a blast celebrating her day over a long weekend…she is just like her mama wanting to drag her birthday out over several days!

She had a movie themed birthday party and invited 8 of her friends from her 1st grade class at Webster. They played wiffle ball, walked to the park, indoor hockey and then settled in to watch the movie BIG. Yes, the old Tom Hank’s movie…she is an old soul. The boys she invited didn’t seem to enjoy it that much so we paused it and went upstairs for some more fun, pizza, and brownies.

On her actual birthday, Billy took the day off. We went to the Waveland Cafe, enjoyed swimming at Wakonda, then waited for Grandshe to arrive (her first trip to our new house!) and we all packed up to go to Goldie’s…Nothing says Golden Birthday like Goldie’s!

Lastly, on her birthday weekend, her team won their hockey tournament and she received two awards: Player of the game for the final game and MVP for the season! Talk about birthday luck!

8 is really GREAT! Happy Birthday, Josie Girl.

Happy 4th Birthday Boys!

The boy’s birthday was over a month ago, but I couldn’t not write about it. They had such a fun celebration. We had a birthday party at Walnut Grove Park in Omaha the weekend prior. They had a Super Hero themed party. Will wanted Superman and Ben wanted Wonder Woman. We put pictures of the Joker, Penguin, Cat Woman, and kryptonite up on trees. We caught the bad guys with water balloons and silly string. We made capes for each kid. It was perfect. On their actual birthday we had a wedding to attend. Grandshe and Pop-Pop where making their way to Chicago to celebrate Maeve’s 8th birthday so they were here to babysit the kids. The day after we all ventured to the zoo. We have a zoo pass and go pretty often. While we are there I usually get asked to ride the camel, train, or carousel. I almost always get asked to get their face painted, as they have never done that. Each time I tell them no or only let them do one thing. Every time we do this drill I’m always impressed with the kids. They always so ok mom or may next time mom? So when we were there a few weeks before I declared on your birthday you get to do all the things I normally say no to. They lived it up! We did all of the above and played on the playground, fed giraffes, and explored everything possible to do. It was so much fun!

Birthdayboys Boys invite!

IMG_8539 IMG_8522  IMG_2089 IMG_8518 IMG_8524 IMG_8531


Birthday party in Omaha fun!

IMG_2106   Birthday golf outfits from Grandparents Bemis, Will & Ben



Celebration in Des Moines… Actual birthday, birthday gift costumes, fun at the zoo, then we hit up the golf course!