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Love is in the Air: February Wrap up!

Billy’s birthday is always a double whammy holiday falling on Valentine’s Day…but this it was a triple celebration: Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Ash Wednesday!

Don’t worry, Billy wasn’t an after thought, he was the main event! We had friends over for beef tenderloin two days before his birthday. We celebrated him on his actual birthday and went out with a group of friends two days after his birthday. We also did another dinner for all February birthday friends the following week. I think this is a record for celebrating Billy’s birthday. He’s learning from me ūüôā

My mom surprised me on Valentine’s Day by bringing me flowers, candy, AND she serenaded me! It totally made my day. All the kids at Religious Ed got a kick out of it.

The kids and I started sending love notes to Billy at work. He had a few rough weeks at work so we decided to turn that frown upside down. We all like mail, but a love note at work seemed to do just the trick!




September, blink…GONE!

I am not sure how this happened, but we are already at the start of October. YIKES! Here are a some fun things that happened:

  • We went to Omaha for a whirlwind day over Labor Day. It was quick but fun to be with family. We got to meet our new niece and spend quality time with Lynn before she passed away.
  • We created the “Wakonda Quad” then accomplished it: tennis, swim, golf, and dinner all in one day. So fun!
  • We started soccer for the kiddos and volleyball for Livi. It’s been fun to watch all the activities.
  • We celebrated Grandshe’s BIG 7-0 in a BIG way. Party, family pictures, mother daughter pedicures (that might have been my fav). By the end of the celebration, I think she felt all the love.
  • We sent Livi off to her first homecoming (our first to send a kid).

Things I don’t want to forget:

  • Ben pretends the “audience” at soccer games are strictly there for him. He puts on his own half time show on the way to the bench to talk to his coach. One handed cart wheels, round offs, and a BIG wave and kisses blown to the parents before his water break.
  • Will had to make a church at religious ed and list all the people that support him and lift him up. At the top of his list was his friends Luke and Blake then family. It completely melted my heart and makes me so thankful he loves his buddies.
  • Josie was at the store with me and I told her she could pick out a bouncy ball. One was more expensive than the other, so I said “What’s the difference”? I was thinking why was one more expensive than the other, what does this one do that that one doesn’t? Without hesitation, Josie said “Three dollars!” I couldn’t stop laughing. She said “I thought you were giving me a pop quiz.”¬†Grandshe

House Swap

Grandshe had her Omaha book club come to Des Moines for a slumber party. There were 10 friends that made the road trip. We swapped homes with Grandshe so she could accommodate all her gal pals. We had so much fun vacationing at Grandshe’s place! Josie said, “if anyone asks…tell them we are renting the place for the weekend.” So then we started calling it our VRBO or cottage rental.

It was fun to snuggle in closer corners and watch Saturday morning cartoons. We are in such a habit of watching Netflix or computer time, it was a nice change. And for us all to cozy up on one couch (or around the chair below) made this mama happy!


Grandshe equals fun

While we were in Chicago for Hamilton, the kids had some fun with Grandshe. Here are a couple of stories:

  • Grandshe took Will and Josie to their first thrift store while Ben was in dance class. As they entered the thrift store, Will asked very innocently, “Will Macklemore be in there?”
  • Grandshe said a naughty word so Ben decided he should sneak on her phone and text me to tattle-tell on her. Instead of texting me, he texted the last person Grandshe had texted, which was her apartment complex manager. When Ben realized it, he felt so bad. Ben¬†started crying. Will did too. They both thought Grandshe would be kicked out of her apartment complex.
  • All three kids had a ton of fun being spoiled rotten.


Sweet Summer 2016

What a summer! It’s going to be over before we know it, so I wanted to capture a few highlights now:

  • Probably the biggest excitement is that Grandshe moved to Des Moines. She is 10 minutes away and pretty much on our way to everything. It makes swinging by her place so convenient. Like today, we were planning to come straight home after golf because there are flash floods and it’s horrible outside. When we were only going 30mph on the interstate, we made a¬†pit stop at Grandshe’s till the rain let up. Everyone was happy.¬†IMG_4859IMG_5024
  • We’ve had a few trips back to Omaha, always fun to see family and friends! We already have two more trips back to the Big O on the books before school starts!
  • 4th of July was spent here with Jay, Danielle, Jules, James, and Henry. It was a perfect holiday hanging out and having fun. The only downfall was that it wasn’t too¬†warm. The boys golfed, we all went fishing, to the park, on walks to feed the neighbor’s cat, and spent most of the 3rd of July at Wakonda doing face painting, tattoos, water slides, pop dives, and watching synchronized swimming. The fireworks in our front lawn were hard to beat!


  • All three kids have enjoyed¬†golf and swimming. The boys were fast little fish and both earned MVPs for their age group. Will placed 1st for golf and Ben got second. In swimming, Ben got first and Will got second. I told them they will be each other’s biggest competition and cheerleaders. It was kind of a cool lesson since this is the first time they both are competing in the same sport!
  • Josie placed first for golf in her age group, actually¬†her score was better than all the girls! While Josie isn’t as fast as her brothers in the pool, she is still a strong swimmer. She earned an award for most improved as she cut 18 seconds off her swim time. Josie told me she doesn’t love swimming as much as other sports. It opened up a great conversation on how proud I am of her because she is as good of a looser as she is as a winner. ¬†Swimming is the first sport I’ve seen Josie struggle, the kid is a natural athlete! There were kids that cried when they would get last place. Josie never got frustrated and always congratulated her opponents. She has such a positive attitude. At the end, Josie said “So basically, you like to see me loose.” Then she laughed and said, “Just kidding mom, I know what you mean!”