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January 2017

The first month of the year is almost over, so I figured it was time to do a little recap:

  • This is the first year the we all wrote out our resolutions and predictions for the year ahead. We put them in a jar and plan to open January 1st, 2018.
  • We had a ping pong tournament with some friends, because we lost I am anxious for a rematch.
  • We practiced using an Epi-Pen with the kids. Since they are going in different directions and are older, we figured it was time to go over what’s in the eli-pen bag.
  • The boys got new “soccer” haircuts and look like little men.
  • We played on the frozen pond for the first time since living here.
  • We honored MLK by reading the whole “Who was Martin Luther King” book on our day off from school.
  • We are still in love with Hamilton in this house. Bill and I got to go to the show in Chicago. It was a quick weekend, but we had a BLAST. Great to spend time with friends, my brothers, and watch Hamilton….which the kids and I listen to almost nightly while prepping dinner and doing homework.
  • The kids got to be in a short clip about the Playhouse. They loved sharing their love for the theatre.
  • And probably the BIGGEST news of the month… The boys passed their pecan challenge! We went to Bubba to celebrate and had pecan pie for dessert.

Alexander Hamilton Fever

14908165_10209123254531558_8678777677245993059_n 14900614_10209124372919517_1465408572824565432_nGrandshe was addicted to the Hamilton soundtrack. She played it so often for the kids, they started rapping and singing along. We listened to it when we would do chores or homework. One day, Will’s obsession with Hamilton has went a little overboard….he bawled and said he didn’t know that “add to cart” on Amazon meant buy it. It took everything in me not to bust out laughing.

He ordered about $100 in stuff (no longer laughing) and the only thing we could return was the Bobble head. If anyone needs a custom made Hamilton backpack, a George Washington costume, or a minted Hamilton $2 bill…please let me know!